About our specialist teams


736512_LBG_Careers in Group_Audit_V01Join us in Audit and you could be vital to keeping the operations of Lloyds Banking Group and our portfolio of industry-leading brands sustainable, safe and secure. Our Audit department protects the organisation against risk by using a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the risk management, control, and governance processes and to insist on transparency and accountability in all that we do.

If you have experience in job areas such as compliance, regulation, accountancy and data analysis then you could find a role with an impact in our Audit team.



736512_LBG_Careers in Group_Risk_V01The primary purpose of the risk division of a major UK bank, is to protect the bank’s customers, shareholders and colleagues. It's no different here at Lloyds Banking Group. If you'd like to join a multifaceted and forward thinking team, who are constantly innovating to ensure we manage risk effectively, then we have a wealth of roles to choose from. 

In addition to traditional risk types such as credit, market and conduct, we have a significant number of roles in data, modelling and analytics, as we increasingly look to technology to enhance our risk management capabilities.



736512_LBG_Careers in Group_Actuarial_V01As part of our purpose to help Britain prosper, we aim to continue supporting communities and households by operating responsibility. It’s therefore crucial that we equip our colleagues and decision-makers with the information that they need to make the right decisions, and our actuary roles are vital to this. Join our team and provide mathematical models and simulations of insurance risk to bring insight and understanding to stakeholders.

We welcome actuaries into the group from both experience or qualification-based backgrounds and provide unique pathways based on your professional background to help you realise your potential. 


Data and Analytics

736512_LBG_Careers in Group_Data and Analytics_V01Data & Analytics is a critical part of our business – and a driving force behind our ongoing transformation. Join us here, and you’ll help us to further ramp up our focus on delivering optimal efficiency and exceptional customer service. It’s varied work that will see you deploying data platforms and solutions right across the Group. Working alongside experts in a collaborative and flexible environment, your role could see you getting involved in everything from producing business intelligence visualisations to developing machine learning algorithms. All of which will underpin our future success.


Cyber Security

736512_LBG_Careers in Group_Cyber Security_V01As we move to the next stage of our digital transformation, one thing remains constant – our commitment to adopting and implementing effective cyber security solutions. That’s why our Cyber Security colleagues are such a big part of what we do and where we go next. Join us here, and you’ll build and maintain the secure systems and processes that protect us from any potential malicious attacks on our operations and networks. You’ll have access to some of the most advanced technologies, support from our experts and flexibility to make your time count when you’re working and when you’re not.


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