Our CSR strategy in the Channel Islands is very much focused on making a difference, empowering people, creating a legacy and investing in the future. We simply take the approach of ‘quietly making a difference’ and don’t focus on profile building.

Our engagement in the community focuses on four pillars, namely ‘Talent’, ‘Education’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Empowerment’. For each, we aspire to be a catalyst for change for good, applying our passion and determination to make a positive difference to our community. That’s why we focus on developing long term relationships, so that we can make a lasting difference. We hold regular review meetings with our community partners to discuss our progress.

Find out more about PwC in the community here.

PwC Hive Hackers CI is a great example of living our Purpose and leading by example.

The aim of PwC Hive Hackers CI is to develop and build trust in society here in the Channel Islands, by inspiring, encouraging and preparing children for a world of technology through exposure to innovative digital education.