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At the CareersinAudit Group, we employ a number of skilled permanent staff who help to meet your Audit, Risk, Compliance, Cyber Security, Data and Analytics recruitment needs. 

Meet the team behind the award-winning job board and our other specialist CareersinAudit Group job boards;, CareersinCompliance, and here: 



Simon Wright CareersinAudit.comSimon Wright

Simon has been with since 2007 and is considered the heart and soul of the team. With a vast knowledge of the recruitment world and award-winning skills as a marketer and sales professional, Simon has helped to make the successful job board it is today. As well as being based in our London offices, Simon can often be found in our Sydney office, looking after the Asia Pacific region.

Did you know? He has so much energy he is known as the office Duracell bunny. With this in mind it probably comes as no surprise that he relaxes by listening to Dance music.

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Stephanie Oram

Stephanie Oram
Marketing Manager

Stephanie is a key member of the team, having been with us since 2011. With an excellent knowledge of the industry and the workings of the site, she is our go-to person for all questions marketing, branding and job board related. Before working at, Stephanie gained her Marketing expertise in New Zealand where she was born and raised.

Did you know? She can name just about any dog breed from only hearing a brief description. She's also a keen Ceroc dancer and often travels up and down the country for dance events.

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Steven Fox

Steven Fox
Sales Manager

If you're looking to advertise Audit, Risk, Compliance or Cyber Security positions, then our resident Northerner, Steven, is the person to ask for. Always happy to help (and complain about the cost of a pint in London), Steven will strive to meet your job advertisement needs. With a background in recruitment, Steven understands how the industry works and just what to recommend to help you find the candidates you need.

Did you know? He is a keen rock music enthusiast, can play the drums and used to be a Club 18-30s holiday rep.

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For more information or to enquire about advertising rates, please email us or call:Careers In Group 15 years logo

+44 (0)20 7553 6350 (UK, Europe & Middle East - Head Office)

+1 718 535 8892 (North America & Canada)

+61 (0)2 8188 1767 (Australia, New Zealand & Asia Pacific)



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